Elder Law Initial Appointment Checklist

We hope that you will find this checklist helpful in organizing materials for our initial meeting concerning Elder Law and Long Term Care.

When you come, it would be very helpful, but not absolutely necessary, to bring as much of the following materials as you can assemble:

  •  Five years preceding current year of tax returns, or statement that no return has been filed.
  •  Copy of Proof US citizenship (Passport, Birth Certificate, VA-DD214) & Identity (DL, ID Card).
  •  Copy of Social Security and Medicare cards (including spouse if applicable.
  •  Copy of Durable Power of Attorney, or Legal Guardianship.
  •  Copy of Durable Health Care Power of Attorney, and/or DNR.
  •  Copy of Advance Directive.
  • Copy of Last Will and Testament.
  •  Copy of social security annual statements, pension reports, and other verification of income.
  •  Copy of any trust agreement “Revocable or Irrevocable”.
  •  Copy of all notes, stocks, and bonds.
  •  Copy of deed(s) or receipt(s) to cemetery property.
  •  Copy of pre-need funeral contracts with irrevocable statement.
  •  Copy of recent tax statements of all properties including oil rights.
  •  Copy of deed to home and/or showing life estate interest.
  •  Copy of all current bank statements.
  •  If applicant is under 65 years of age, proof of eligibility for SSI or SSDI benefits.
  •  Written proof of all debts and creditors, e.g. bills, invoices and statements.
  •  Written proof of cost of care including nursing home bills and estimates.
  •  Copies of Promissory Notes and or Mortgages payable to or in favor of the applicant or spouse.
  •  Copies of Premium statements for all insurances.
  •  Copies of Life Insurance Policies and Annuity Policies.
  •  Copies of registration to all automobiles owned by applicant or spouse.
  •  Copies of Central Appraisal District Statements for all real estate.


These items on this list will help us move through the interview more quickly. However, knowing this information is at least as important as bringing the documents. Please do not cancel just because you cannot get all these documents together.

We look forward to meeting you to discuss your Elder Law -Long term care issues.

There will be no fee for an initial conference.  

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