Qualifying for Nursing Home Care

For the “Aged, Blind or Disabled” an applicant must:

  • Be a US citizen or lawfully admitted alien and be a resident of Texas.
  • Meet a health assessment that establishes need for daily attention of professional nursing staff.
  • Must have a Medicare Part A entitlement.
  • Be free of any penalties imposed by Medicaid for gifts made within 60 months prior to filing.
  • Meet Income and Resource guidelines.
  • An application cannot be submitted until the applicant has been in a nursing home Medicaid qualified bed for 30 days.

Income Single Applicants: 

Cannot have income that exceeds $2,250.00 per month. If income exceeds the limit, seek legal counsel about a Qualifying Income Trust (Miller). Applicants with a Community Spouse: To satisfy Antispousal impoverishment, Medicaid has set a minimum income standard of $3,090.00 for the community spouse. In addition, the Community Spouse can have unlimited income.

Applicants with no spouse can own:

  • Home (up to $572,000.00)
  • Irrevocable Burial provisions
  • Auto (currently no value restriction)
  • Personal property (with limits)
  • $2,000.00 in cash, savings, countable resources.

Applicants with a spouse in the community can also own additional resources in order to avoid impoverishment including Savings and investments up to $123,600.00. If the Community Spouse’s monthly income is under the Minimum Monthly Needs Allowance after diversion of income from applicant to community spouse, the applicant may be able to establish an expansion of the $123,600.00 cap.